Refurbish Your Jewelry

March 12 2016 – Omer Bar-Sadeh

Refurbish Your Jewelry

Refurbish Your Jewelry

Are you looking for new, better ways to wear old jewelry? You've got a collection just sitting around, collecting dust with the same dull shine it always has. You need to spruce it up, but you're not sure how. Try these five jewelry tips to renew your collection and transform old jewelry pieces into exciting new ones.


#1 – Upgrade


Wedding rings are a fount of precious memories, but they need a bit of sprucing up after a few years. The once proud diamond on the ring's centerpiece is looking smaller and smaller. Perhaps it's time for a different one. Upgrading the diamond or other stone on your ring is a great way to rejuvenate its appearance to show how your love for each other has grown. You can also expand the width of the band or add multiple bands for a unique look.


#2 – New Additions


If you don't want to change the original style, adding to a necklace, ring or women's bracelet may be just what it needs. Pieces with plain gold or silver can brighten considerably with colored gems or stones, or you can add a wider variety of shapes and cuts to mix things up. Pick colors that have a bit of contrast instead of those that create a uniform look. Contrasting hues can be very beautiful when done right, so ask a local jeweler what color combinations go well together.


#3 – Wear It Differently


Give some love to that necklace or bracelet you haven't worn in awhile. It may look a bit “blah” hanging on your jewelry tree, but the right outfit can make for a sophisticated wardrobe addition. A silver chain against a black satin blouse is perfect for a night out. Layered necklaces of varying lengths worn drooped about the neck have an exotic look, and wearing more than one ring at a time is definitely not out of the question. Wear complimentary jewelry together or throw caution to the wind and create a stark contrast with different metals.


#4 – Polish And Shine


Old jewelry tends to tarnish and lose its brightness, but a quick trip to a professional jewelry cleaner may very well be an antique piece's saving grace. Even newer jewelry tarnishes if you wear it often enough. Necklaces, bracelets and rings with a higher karat count will tarnish faster, so clean your jewelry at home if you have the tools at hand. Otherwise, a professional cleaner can refurbish and revive dull or corroding jewelry to make it look brand new.


#5 – Start From Scratch


If you're still struggling to find the spark in your jewelry collection, consider making new jewelry out of old pieces. Disassemble a few pieces and create a new design from the parts available to you. You can, of course, purchase new beads, gems and chains to add into the design, so don't be afraid to experiment. What's the worst that could happen? Your jewelry was just shoved in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust with little chance of seeing the light of day. This gives you a chance to create your own unique style and flair.


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