How To Layer Bracelets

March 12 2016 – Omer Bar-Sadeh

How To Layer Bracelets

How To Layer Bracelets

Bracelets are a great way to add a little bit of shine to your wardrobe without overdoing it, but many people are still confused on how to wear multiple bracelets and still look good. Fashion moguls and models make stacking women's bracelets look easy, but there are a few tricks to getting the most out of layering multiple bracelets.


Avoid The Gypsy Curse


Every Hollywood portrayal of vagrants and gypsies has shown them stacked clear up to the elbow with bracelets. While layering boho bracelets can look very appealing, you don't want to overdo it. If the bracelets you're wearing have wider bands, stick with a maximum of two or three. Smaller bands allow for more additions, so feel free to layer on a few more. The bracelets should all be resting on your wrist when you have your arms down; if they go past the top of your wrist bone, you may have too many on.


Try Different Materials


An eclectic touch is greatly appreciated in the world of fashion, so women's bracelets can be mixed and matched with different materials. Leather bracelets, bullet bracelets and gold charm bracelets can all be put together for a more daring look that draws the eye. Boho bracelets work particularly well with this strategy because of the variety of materials used, such as string, leather, shells, stone and more. Don't get too wild, though; mixing too many different materials can create a disorganized arrangement.


Bold Color


Add a rainbow of color to your wrist with different gem colors and mixed metals. Vivacious colors like lime, fuschia and royal blue are eye-catching and draw attention to your wrists. Multi-colored bracelets with gradients are especially nice, but you can also use multiple bracelets with a different color each to create the same effect. Shades of purple and pink are playful and romantic, while bold blues and stunning greens show off a creative personality.


Find Your Center... piece.


A centerpiece can be just the anchor you need to tie your jewelry ensemble together. Watches make wonderful centerpieces, and the different styles available can be used with just about any bracelet. Stack a few glittery bracelets near a plain watch, and watch it suddenly become the star of the show. Boyish or masculine watch styles should be complimented with more feminine women's bracelets, such as delicate chains or soft gemstones. Experiment a bit with different centerpieces such as a nice chunky bracelet or charm bracelet.


Don't Have Any Bracelets? Let's Fix That!


What could be worse than having no bracelets to stack and layer with? If you don't have any bracelets at home, or you find your collection is lacking, take a look at PennyLuna's selection! We have hundreds of jewelry options, including Bohemian style bracelets that will add a splash of color and unique design to your accessories kit.



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