What Makes Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Lindsey Lohan Look Amazing?

July 19 2014 – Penny Fiderio

Yes, it's here again, and it looks better than ever. No wonder the superstars are wearing it from head to toe.  Feathers, head bands, long necklaces and funky bracelets and rings. The Boho Chic - a fashion with bohemian and hippie influences style that draws not only celebs but women all over the world.  It's  about looking unique and natural. Loose dresses and skirts, or short short jeans, shirts with earthy colors. Add to that long hanging jewelry pieces - from feather earrings and necklaces, unique bold or thin metal bracelets and statement big pieces with a little bit of green, orange and deep purple. And the wavey blowing-in-the-wind hair. This is it!


Miley Cyrus (By Buzzed For Beauty)

So how do you get the Boho Chic look? It's actually really easy, and doesn't cost much at all. You can use many things in your closet. You can probably find white loose T-shirts, with or without a print. Find an old jeans and cut it short. Combine a few unique jewelry pieces - and you're up to speed.


Lindsey Lohan (By Lindsey Lohan's website)





Taylor Swift  (By My Silhouette Style)



 Unique fashion jewelry doesn't have to be expensive. You can find great pieces that will transom your outfit at PennyLuna.com



Boho-Chic w/Feather Fashion 32" Necklace Set Gold Orange ($49.99)




Boho-Chic w/Feather Fashion 30" Necklace Set ($49.95)

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